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der Auspackraum: an amazing room in the University where you can go dumpster diving sort trash to be reused or recycled. Every university should have one.

die Blumenzwiebel: spring bulb, literal translation flowering bulb

der Chef: the boss, owner of the garden

der Garten des Chefs: the boss’s garden, literal translation ‘the garden of the boss’ aka a pain in the butt grammar rule called Genitive, denoting possession

Steigstrasse: ‘climb street,’ a very steep street in Meersburg which requires climbing

der Fingerhut: foxglove, literal translation finger hat Digitalis purpurea

die Frühlingszwiebel: green onion, spring onion

der Gärtner: gardener

der Glühwein: mulled red wine, holiday drink during Weihnachtsmarkt, Christmas Market, so you, and your fingers, do not freeze while hanging out in the cold

der Haufen: heap, pile; in other words much smaller than a hill

der Rosenkohl: brussel sprouts, a much prettier more appetizing name than the English version

das Stiefmütterchen: pansy, literal translation little step mother Viola tricolor hortensis

die Tulpe: tulip

die Zwiebel: onion